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The Next Testament

When faith becomes a crime, a small mining town

demands salvation from an unlikely prophet

After a devastating second civil war, the Reunited States of America has only one religion, the Common Faith, and Compliance Specialist Zoe Whelan has been on a roll, capturing hold-out Christians who refuse to give up their beliefs. While recovering after a near-death experience, she discovers former priest John Carroll is writing the Next Testament, a revelation from God that threatens to reignite conflict. Zoe’s on the hunt again, in a battle for her life against corrupt Common Faith officials and a dangerous girl-gang known as the Mollies. As she closes in on Father Carroll, Zoe has a revelation of her own, but will she survive to fulfill her destiny as The Messenger, the one who brings the Next Testament to a population desperate for freedom and salvation?

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Dark Currents


August 2011, two people went snorkeling,

only one came back
On a romantic getaway to Aruba, Kathy Barrow and Glenn Hogan soon discover things are not what they seem. When one goes missing and the other is arrested on suspicion of murder, a media frenzy erupts as San Nicolaas Police Chief Jules Calenda puts the pieces together. Romy Tromp, an ambitious teenage reporter working in the shadow of his big network idol, learns that perception is not reality when events lead him into a twisted plot of blind justice and unintended revenge. In this riveting story of betrayal, the truth may be more difficult to find than someone lost at sea.

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Universal Coverage

Bob Smith had it all. A beautiful house, a happy family, a rewarding career, and a government concerned with his well-being.

But when his young son collapses, everything begins to crumble.


Suddenly thrust into the world of Universal Coverage, Smith discovers that the ideals he voted for have spiraled out of control. The U.S. nationalized healthcare system has quickly devolved into a nightmare of unbearable waits, inevitable fraud, and uncertain outcomes presided over by a disinterested bureaucratic class. As Smith struggles to save his son’s life, he finds the only hope is Salvare, an unauthorized hospital ship providing world-class care to anyone with cash who’s willing to make the journey. A miracle at sea awaits aboard Salvare if Smith is brave enough to question the dangerous path his country has taken. Time is running out, and in matters of life and death, timing is everything. 

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Under a Blue Flag



Paradise, but not forever


Fifteen years ago, Luz Revilla sent Hernan, her only son, off to become a man. Now, she learns he is returning to San Nicolaas, Aruba, with Nathan Beck, the tugboat captain who raised him. Soon rumors and innuendo rule her life as she prepares for the arrival of a son she barely knows and for a future she's only dreamed about. Events of the past catch up to the present with old grudges resurfacing even as former enemies become new friends. In this much-anticipated sequel to An Island Away, Luz struggles to hold on in a place where nothing lasts longer than the paid-for illusion of love in her red light district. Will destiny reunite mother and son or will fate keep them apart?

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Bonk's Bar

Tom Bonk, college student and casual piano player,

never wanted his old man's bar


He wanted an education, a high-paying career, and out of his lower-class Philadelphia neighborhood. Then his brother John, a sergeant in the Marine Corps, is killed in Iraq. His father goes on a two-week bender, leaving Tom the one thing he never wanted, a chance to run the family bar. Seduced by the financial success of his early attempts, he plunges in head first, thinking that he can outsmart the Russian Mob, the cops, a clever local girl, and his own ambition. Along the way, Tom faces realities he previously denied. He earns a degree in the ways of the world ... where the grading scale includes life and death ... where some things are important and others simply aren't worth a damn.

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An Island Away


Paradise, but not for amateurs


In Aruba, far from the sparkling beaches and glamorous hotels, lies a waning refinery boomtown of barroom brothels, flexible morality, and one tourist trap known as Charlie’s Bar. Luz, a young Colombian mother works as a prostitute to pay off her family’s debt. She encounters Sam, an American expatriate looking to perpetuate his flamboyant youth. Together they find Captain Nathan Beck, washed ashore and barely alive after his tugboat sinks in a storm. For each of them, San Nicolaas provides hope amid desperation as they live dangerously in pursuit of their dreams. Through it all, Charlie’s watchful eye sees the best and worst, knowing that on his desert island you have to improvise.

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